Building and Maintaining Relationships with Others; Being a guest on The 99 and Kato Radio Show / by Mary Jennings

Typically when you’ve been invited to be a guest on a radio show, you don’t come to the hosts with your own list of questions to ask, but I did.  I also brought in some beautiful and delicious cupcakes from a neighborhood bakery to help celebrate the first anniversary of The 99 and Kato Radio Show on the internet at  It’s every Friday between 1-3pm and is also on live video. Listen by visiting

I am good friends with them both so I was so happy to get an opportunity to visit with them, but I always try to accomplish many things with every minute I’m allowed.  So, I had some questions that I thought would be of interest to the listeners and was also interested in writing about the interview for my own blog. Take a look at the questions and the thought provoking answers. It was a very comfortable conversation between friends and creative professionals on location in Kato’s radio studio.  

I thought this interview would be a great piece to kick start my more regular blog posting on my own site while nurturing relationships with two friends who are actively working in media.  

99 and Kato Radio Show In Action

Relationships with People on Facebook: 

Being that we all met through Facebook, my question related to our relationships with people on Facebook and our relationship to the Facebook platform itself. What would we do if the Facebook platform disappeared, taking all of our friends, pictures, postings and established profile with it.  What is your whole connection to Facebook went #poof. Have we done our part to maintain the relationships established virtually, in a more real way?  Have we done a good job of archiving of photos, videos, stories, comments and other posts or are we trusting Facebook to be a vault for what treasure.  

99: In short, 99 stated that she felt she had all of the important contact information for her friends on Facebook as well as all the photos she wanted to keep on her hard drive.  She felt sure that she would be able to maintain connection with the people she most cared about even without the Facebook platform.

Kato: Kato admitted to checking Facebook first thing when he woke up to check in on what was happening.  He basically had no worry that if Facebook did not exist, there would be something else ready to take it’s place.  He said, “The door has been already opened.  Once that has been opened, we will never go back. The future has been set. Just like when the phones were invented. Once that door has been opened, it’s all been changed forever. The way we used to communicate will never be the same.

I was grateful for both answers. While I agree with Kato, I reminded him to go on through that open door, but be sure to keep at lease one foot firmly planted in the original design and ways of relating to one another and sharing information.  

People Finding You When You’re All Over:

My second question had to do with defining a particular focus while being a very creative person.  Sometimes people defining professional brand or focus and “staying in your lane”. Kato once posted a quote, “Stay in your lane.  That way people will be able to find you.”   I asked if it was okay to be involved in several, seemingly different endeavors and still be “in your lane”.  

99: I loved what 99 had to say about how she manages ALL of her creative projects and passions.  She cited a discussion with another person who spoke about the topic of there is importance in the spaces between your interests.  This illustration was meaningful to 99 as she juggles a full academic life, confined to labs and libraries and the completely opposite world of media and entertainment.  She was struggling to keep them fully separate from one another and after hearing about the importance of spaces, she realized her vital role.  Her spaces matter!  She has even gone the extra step to creating a workshop to share this message with others at a conference ( filled with creative people and community leaders. 

Kato: With his explanation of what “stay in your lane” meant to his, Kato got very animated. He said that the lane you are supposed to stay in is, “just you being you”.  He stated that people who are doing things just because they see others doing it or because they are following some inappropriate guidelines are not being true to themselves. They are off track. He added, “You may have many interests, but if they are all pointing towards the same intention, an intention set by you, then they are all going to meet up one day."

I thought both answers were on point and very helpful to me in my creative progress.  I hope you find it helpful as well.  

If anything, this interaction and interview has reminded me that time flies super fast and we need to do our very best to build and maintain relationships with one another actively and every so often, actually do it IN PERSON.

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