RE:Source Art Event / by Mary Jennings

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch, is the sound under my feet as I walk the dog around the neighborhood these past few days.  Fall is here. Does everything have to remind me that summer is coming to a close so effectively? Does all that fun of long summer days have to end?  Do I have to buckle down and prepare for the silent decline into fall and winter already? I'm just now getting hyped and energetic!!

I have a boatload of hope and creativity and am ready to share my ability to take something that seems like it is way past it prime and restore it to a thing of great value.  I have created a two day long art event called RE:Source. Let me explain and INVITE YOU to enjoy the harvest of great creativity and resourcefulness. 

Have you ever thought to yourself, "I can't make that project! I don't have all the materials I need." If you haven't had that thought, you should give yourself a high five and while you're at it, stop lying to yourself. Let's be honest here, everyone has has that thought at one time or another. How we perceive our sense of lack and how we respond is the thesis behind "RE:Source Art Event". 

YOU'RE INVITED!  "RE:Source Art Event" Sun/Mon, October 9-10, 2016 at The Studio Center, 920 W. Broad Street, Falls Church, VA. It's a great time to gather and learn some very creative ways to make things from ANYTHING, even things that might be classified as trash can be made into a treasure. You will love what you see. It will be like your favorite Pinterest Board coming to life. The two days are packed with a show of amazing creations (or re-creations). There will be scheduled cooking/sketching/DIY refinishing demonstrations and art sale. Enjoy tempting treats and lively conversations. Bring a guest!  Put your name on a special gift list by emailing me here.

FEATURED DIY:  On Sunday, from 10:30-12:30pm, Joni Foerter of The Front Porch Furniture Rescue will demonstrate refinishing techniques, including lovely chalk painting. 

ART that inspires your creative side. You will find a wide variety of creations that will spark the maker in you and will encourage resourcefulness in a new way in the Studio Gallery. As a matter of fact, this Pinterest Board come to life is available for view and reference on Pinterest after October 10.  Follow the link here and FOLLOW THE BOARD TOO.

This show is a lot like life. It goes FAST! Come early and often. Feel welcomed and leave inspired.