Experiencing Observation: Getting Caught by Mary Jennings

Observe I love that I have a gift of observation.  I use it to create art and comedy.  I use it to watch over the people and things in my care.  I hope to never loose the ability to see things, events, people, circumstances and outcomes.  There is so much to capture in life.

I am doing a series of blogs on observation.  This is my first and it will touch on the intense skill of observation used for seeking out potential danger.  In every case with observation, the use of an internal, emotional sense is used to heighten the experience.


I am a parent of two teenaged children.  They are venturing out on their own as they should.   I have worked hard to prepare them for every challenge they might encounter as they aim for their goals.  Letting go is hard, so I pray.  I pray that they get caught.  I pray that someone will observe them.  I want them caught.  It’s more common for a mom to want to protect their child and thats what I am hopefully doing.  I don’t want their walk in the wrong direction to be a wonderful journey without consequences. I will do my part to catch other kids I know.  It’s a act of love.  I would want my kids loved in that way.


I got caught just last week on the Virginia Tech campus.  I had to stand in my car for a brief moment and parked in a service vehicle spot.  I was there for maybe 5 minutes  and this guard came to my car and spent 10 minutes giving me a very stern talking to.  He really went into great detail about how I had no business being parked where I was and I shouldn’t even be on campus without a pass from the Visitor’s Center.  I felt bad, but in light of the shootings on the Tech campus and the horrific shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT the very next day, I appreciated being caught.  You just never know.  The guard must have seen me as suspicious.  I knew I should have worn make-up that day.


Crime report in paper.  Saturday, October 18, 2012

When I was a cranky teen, my father left me in the car while he went into the grocery store for a minute.  After a while passed as I waited quietly in the car, my dad JUMPED into the car, started it and burned rubber getting out of the parking lot.  I was going nuts yelling at him.  He was driving crazy and yelled at me to write down the license of the car in front of us.  I did.  He turned the car back around to head back to the grocery store.  When we arrived, the police were already there.  My dad observed a man run to a car, jump in and hide in the back seat while a woman driver pulled out and drove off.  He knew this was not right and followed through as best he could to be of help.  He gave the information to the police and they captured the guy after a high speed chase for many miles.  It turns out that this guy tried to get away after an armed robbery at the grocery store.  Without my father’s help, he would have gotten away with it.  I commend my dad for his courage to act and I am also happy this guy was caught before he could harm anyone in the future.

I hope we all hone this kind of observation and courageously exercise our ability.  The rewards are great.  We all need to see and be seen.  Keep looking up and caring.


Seek potential hazards.  Act through proactive prayer and strong support.  This will serve the creative experience well.  It will soften your heart, build courage and allow you to receive rewards for responding to your gut.  It’s a way of being deeply connected.