Do I Even Need That Banana Slicer Thingy? by Mary Jennings



This isn't just another wORKSHOP wEDNESDAY post, this is a bit of my WAR against clutter.



This isn't just another wORKSHOP wEDNESDAY post, this is a bit of my WAR against clutter.  Clutter is one of the small reasons I am in the beginning stages of launching a career in Stand-up comedy.  The clean up is so much easier with the creation of comedy.  You have a composition book of jokes and a rolled up brick wall for shows.



Listen, as much as I love the perfectly useful tool, I think there might just be a limit to needing every tool designed for every job.  What kind of creative person would be if I couldn't figure out how to SLICE A BANANA without the aid of the ever popular Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer?  Although, I must say, I was truly temped to join this cult-like band of consumers after reading the creative customer reviews on Amazon.  (  Check them out, they are really fun and creative.


The real problem is that, of course, I don't want my banana sliced like everybody's.  I want my bananas cut lengthwise to use on my son's Banana/Nutella sandwich and and the long slices taste better.  Banana buttons are fine for a bowl, but not for a sandwich.  I even by my pickles sliced lengthwise.  It's just better.


Instead of getting caught up in the Hutzler 571 frenzy, I have decided to slice the banana using my egg slicer.  Today was my first attempt at ever doing this and it was hugely successful.  I already have the egg slicer and am quite good with it.  I even use this tool for strawberries, olives, and even mushrooms.  It's handy.

Here is the EGG SLICER solution.  You should try it.  Note:  Best results are using a firm banana.

IMG_3252         IMG_3253        YUM!!!

If you have any ideas on ways to help my WAR on kitchen tool clutter, share them with me on the comment section.  Make it fun.  Make it YUM!

Feature Friday: My Sketchbook Project 2013 by Mary Jennings

Sketchbook Project 2012 detail

With the great pleasure I took in “releasing” my sketchbook in Jan. 2012 and creating and uploading the accompanying video in March, I have even more delight in knowing that over a thousand people have watched my (almost too long) video.  It was great to be able to show how it was made and the thought process behind all of the art. “Even though art is considered to be representational, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t very abstract messages embedded deep within those familiar images.  Artist’s statements are always very helpful to bring the audience closer to your work.

Sketchbook Project 2012


Preview Sketchbook Project 2013

8+8=16 16+16=32.... No, I am not performing The Inchworm.  I am counting the pages that are in this year’s blank sketchbook.  Thirty-two pages are waiting for me to fill them.  The theme of my book this year is, UPSTAIRS.  You will be a part of the process, just like before with another video on it’s way.  The book has to be completed and shipped January 15, 2013.  So, I better get to work!

Think about me and if you would like, leave an encouraging word for me in the comment section below.

I will be creating a blog specifically on Brooklyn Art Library and The Sketchbook Project 2013 on one of my Spotlight Saturday postings.