The Whole Story for the Next Generation by Mary Jennings


These are two of my murals painted in 2002. Just an email from the new owner of the residence wanting to know the story behind their creation.

He wrote, "These works of art were things that we were looking for when purchasing a new home. They are always quite beautiful and the conversation starter for every guest that comes in the door. We just had our first baby girl, and as she grows up she will be able to look at the beautiful painting you have in the hallway and bathroom. It's almost as if a story book has been put in the room."

So pleased when people want to know the story. I remember it like it was yesterday. ‪#‎tbt‬

This Foyer mural is created to fool the eye. The French call it Trompe L'oeil, translated to mean "fool the eye". When designing this mural, it was important to create the illusion of open air and space in an area that wasn't able to accommodate furniture or accessories to give it space or personality.  A traditional landscape was chosen for it's timeless beauty.  There are nice accents and details for your eyes to rest upon.  It could be raining to dangerous flood levels or snowing enough to shut down a city, but will always be a beautiful day in your foyer with this mural.  

This work was created to add the illusion of open space in a relatively small environment.  The aerial perspective along with the framework of he window help add to the impact of the landscape.