SOLD! And Then There Was One. by Mary Jennings

I have two smaller scale paintings (Stream I and Stream II) that were created together.  They weren't created side by side, but they were completed as a pair and within a short time of one another.  I have displayed them, uploaded them, promoted them and even titled them together as a pair.  And now, they will have to part company with one another.  One of these twin paintings has been sold to a collector in Florida. Interestingly enough, the one that has been sold is the first of the two to have been completed.  I guess that makes it the older of the twins. 

I have a particular interest in these pieces.  They were the inspiration for a large painting commission (two works approximately 3'x5') I completed this past fall and were used to demonstrate the image concept and handling of the watercolor medium and technique for the client. I'm thrilled that such a special work is finding a new home with a worthy collector. To view a portion of the commissioned art (one of the two works completed for a local collector) with a description of the inspiration, see below.  Even though is was a larger size and scale from it's predecessor, the source of discovery and execution was much the same.  This particular observation in nature, with the interesting shapes, color and depth found in the stream's reflections will continue to provide me with many new works in a variety of mediums for years to come.  Stay tuned!