The Beginning: Whet Canvas Daily / by Mary Jennings

It's very satisfying to start a daily ritual and carry it on for several days, into several months. I can say that from experience. On a few occasions, I have experienced this in relation to a heathy daily gym routine, but in this case, I am referring to a daily (mostly morning) ritual that strengthens and grows my creative muscle. 

I bought a journal in the clearance bin over the holidays and began to use it while on vacation in January 2017 for a daily writing expressing my thoughts at the moment. On the first day, it felt so right. I gave it a date and a title and went from there. It felt like I made a point on that page and I felt that point covered something of value; something that would not only be helpful to me in my pursuit of life, but might even be of interest to the people around me. That's you. 

After consistently contributing to my little book, I present to you, "Whet Canvas Daily". Why "Whet Canvas"?  Look it up the definitions for both word. I promise, you will be stimulated, honed, sharpened and well covered. I have been.

Brush With Greatness
They say that by copying the Masters you gain a better understanding of creating work like the Masters. When I teach anything on any level or on any topic, I want to open, stretch and grow each student. I strive to elevate the experience. I create a lesson that will be a fun time, but will also be a challenge.
I want them to leave the class with a new skill and awareness of their abilities to create something from nothing. If they experienced struggle and were able to get on the other side of that struggle on some level, that the brush with greatness. It’s about the process not the product.

Five Ways to Always Catch Whet Canvas Daily

  1. Find me on Social Media. My primary handle is @maryjartist, but you will have better success following @studiocenterva on twitter and instagram to link to the daily postings. 
  2. Turn on Notifications to see all the latest. Just go to the notification settings in the upper right hand corner on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and adjust the settings. 
  3. Share your own Whet Canvas Expressions is why I created the separate Instagram page @yourcreattitude. You have something to share. Send me a message, DM or tweet and I will get it shared. Let's grow together.
  4. Download the artful title pages and use as your screen saver or repost/retweet.
  5. Share with a Friend. The best part about being able to access some great things is the ability to share them.  

I got a great start on this today, taught a large class today and submitted two works for a juried art show and am last minute on getting the first Whet Canvas Daily. Even though it was a struggle, I did it. 

Thank you for your time and attention.