Words for the Wise; Building Your Vocabulary with an App. / by Mary Jennings

True confession time.  I am addicted to learning and have always enjoyed the never ending opportunity for learning that vocabulary provides.  I got the itch to bump up my personal word bank when I was told I had an “impish” expression on my face.  Impish was not a word I was all that familiar with; I promptly looked it up.  My friend was right.  She found the most fitting word to describe my expression. 

My discovery for the day comes in the form on an app that I use on my phone.  I found one that feeds me a new word every day.  Please allow me to share it with you to help fill your life with rich pabulum. The app is Word of The Day.  Don’t allow yourself to become latent in this current culture.  GROW with the times.  To follow is a photo showing how the app looks on a phone. 

In the comment section, please share with all of us some great words or apps we should know.  Your recommendations are very welcome.  Let's learn together.