You Are Not Alone; Just #ASKGARYVEE (the book) / by Mary Jennings

Don’t be friends with me and not be good at Social Media. That’s just stupid.
— Abraham Lincoln (lol, no really Gary Vaynerchuck)

Being an artist and creative solo entrepreneur can be a bit isolating at times.  This isolation was particularly highlighted after being stuck (and grateful for power/food/internet) in my home for almost a full week before roads were clear enough to walk or travel after the historic blizzard Jonah crippled a huge portion of the East Coast last week.  Many of the jobs I had prepared for and scheduled were cancelled or rescheduled due to the storm. That alone could have been devastating to an idea of success in my business if I didn't have one FORCE to counter all of the feeling of being derailed. I was not OUT OF THE POCKET, folks. I was connected to a ton of the wonderfully creative and business minded energy of many others. I can offer thanks to one Gary Vaynerchuck with his wild world of FREE and ABUNDANT success building content being delivered on every social platform available on a daily, if not hourly basis.

Following his direction at the turn of the new year, I joined Snapchat (follow me: @maryjartist) and was using this to document my creative person's "snowmagedon" preparations for my super "exclusive" (friends and fellow business people I have met since the beginning of 2016) audience and the whole blizzard experience. I have opened up a window into my tiny world that was super current and very real for people who understood what this snapchat kind of thing means to a small business. Following their snaps along with snaps from @GaryVee kept me on task with growing my business in between sessions with my snow shovel.  I was even able to share some great snaps on my personal facebook page for fun.  I am able to build my brand even for those who already think they know me. When you have something good to share, people are happy to watch and even respond favorably. It was great to connect with my business people and friends in this way while stuck inside hoping not to loose power. 

This is a comment I made on a video posted on Facebook about the Snapchat platform, that Gary responded to with one word. In the comment, I made a statement about this new social platform and a commitment to creating a blog post. Just a small testament to being in community with people who challenge you, encourage you and hold you accountable (with one word) is good for business and humanity. I have a passion for both. 


As is very much part of my character, I want to share good things with good people.  Things I really believe in. Following the snaps by @GaryVee and meeting the people who #hustle these past few weeks has proven to me that there are some great, hard working, value providing (and some yet to be discovered or meet their true potential) business people in this world.  I am going to do my part to meet and work with more of these types of people.  I am ready to bust out of my artistic, creative solo entrepreneur shell.  

I have purchased (pre-ordered) eight (8) copies of the latest book by Gary Vaynerchuck, titled, #ASKGARYVEE for the sole purpose of starting an EeGroup* in my area of Northern Virginia that meets regularly to be in community and learn the most about how to grow our businesses in this ever changing and WIDE OPEN internet and social media driven world; with the best, Gary Vaynerchuck.  The book release is on March 8, 2016 and I will be ready to dig in with 7 (or more depending on the response) of my new and existing business friends. Doesn't that sound like a great use of time and energy? 

Now all you need to do is take that big step towards a free #bestselling book and a great group of like minded people to grow together in a welcoming atmosphere.  I have been dipping my toes in the sea of social media greatness with some success over the years more as an creative challenge, but now I MEAN BUSINESS.  Many of my peers are very slowly moving towards marking like it's 2016, but they have great expertise and simply need to make that move. I benefit nothing by selling Gary's books except making some friends who are also interested in what he is sharing about growing our businesses.

I have attached a few of my past postings for your entertainment.  Take a look, but do it quickly and claim your free #ASKGARYVEE book and spot in my EeGroup. These are the types of groups that are capable of endless potential, like Apple in the early days (lol).  Real people, real businesses and real success. Comment below with a YES and email me to secure your spot.  

Find me on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram @maryjartist.  >>> Click HERE for link to a popular YouTube video on creating floorcloths.  SO MUCH FUN! 

*EeGroup explained: Big E is for entreprenuer, little e is for the electronic platforms and Group is for US. Let's make this in-person thing happen. It's EXCITING!